Alloy Rim Repairs


Alloy Rim Repairs

Did you know that there are many different finishes to alloy rims? Alloy rims come in all kinds of finishes which include painted, powder coated, anodised, machine face, shadow chrome, Two-Toned (machine face and painted) and ‘chrome’ (chrome plated).

            Painted Rim           Machine Face Rim  Shadow Chrome Rim             Two-Toned Rim

Note: Most machine face rims are two-toned rims in that the machine face finish is to the front face of the rim and face of the spokes and in between the spokes and the barrel is a painted finish.

The different finishes on an alloy rim therefore require different repair techniques specific to that finish. Onsite Alloy Repairs specialises in repairing gutter rash, ‘curbing’, scrapes, scratches and damaged paint work to painted, machine face and shadow chrome rims. As advised previously, ‘chrome plated’ rims cannot be ‘spot repaired’ and will need to be taken into a shop to be re-chromed. We have wheel technicians who are highly skilled in colour matching, blending and repairing alloy rims. Having your rim repaired is a much cheaper and more convenient option then having to buy a brand new one.  

As a Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Service, we come to you at a convenient time and place to do the repairs. We offer our services to Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs, all the way down to the Gold Coast, out to Ipswich and Redland Bay and all the places in between.

Whether you call them alloys, mags, rims or wheels, they can be fixed with our fast, efficient onsite techniques.

If you are unsure of the finish of your rim, please send us a photo and we will help guide you through the repair.

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