What if I can’t get my car to you for a quote?

No problem, if you send us detailed photos of the damaged wheels along with your contact details; we can assess the damage and give you a quote for the necessary repairs.

How much does it cost for alloy wheel repairs?

The price is determined by the extent of the damage and type of rim in need of repair. An outline of our prices are as follows however for a more specific quote we encourage you to send us detailed photos of the damage.

Minor Repairs from $99 including GST per Wheel

Major Repairs from $129 including GST per Wheel

Full Recolour only from $129 including GST per Wheel

Machine Face Repairs from $149 including GST per Wheel

Shadow Chrome Repairs from $199 including GST per Wheel

Clear Coat Protection Respray from $79 including GST per Wheel

Don’t forget to ask us for our special price for Multiple Wheel Repairs at once

How long does it take to fix the wheel?

Once again, the time it takes to repair the wheel depends greatly on the damage sustained and number of wheels to work on. In all cases, the rim will need to be repainted to an extent, which would require 45 to 60 minutes to complete for a standard colour. We use very specialized products to achieve these amazing time saving results.

What if I need my car – can you still work on the wheels?

We understand that it is tricky finding time to hand your car over to us, which is why we make the process as convenient as possible for all our customers. Firstly, our mobile services mean that in many cases, we can cater to your alloy wheel repairs onsite and on the same day.

Can you match the original colour of my wheels?

Our highly skilled team have extensive experience in spraying, and colour matching to the original finish. We stock a range of high quality paints that can easily be tinted to find the correct colour. We can also make great suggestions for customers looking to refresh their car’s appearance with a new colour all together.

What does my warranty cover?

Onsite Alloy Repairs offer a 24 Month warranty on the areas of the wheels we worked on which means you’re covered if paint starts to flake, chip or the damage reappears through no fault of the customer’s use of the car. We also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee which means if you are not 100% happy with the results or can find fault in the work, we will redo the repairs or recoloring service.

How can I pay for the services?

We accept payment by cash, VISA or Mastercard debit cards and credit cards for our mobile services.

How can I keep my wheels maintained after repairs?

The best method of maintenance is to clean the alloy rims regularly using soap, water and a sponge to reach between the spokes and edges. We suggest if you are going to use chemical products to clean your alloy wheels, to select specialised wheel cleaning products from car accessory stores such as Autobarn and Supercheap.

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