Check out our fantastic Gutter & Curb damage Alloy Wheel Repair prices starting from $99 incl GST.  We specialise in standard alloy wheels, shadow chrome alloy wheels, machine faced alloy wheels and all custom colours.

Onsite Alloy Repairs also offers a Signature Special Custom Respray for $599 incl GST. We will respray all four Alloy wheels, front and back, in one of our fantastic colours. You won’t believe the transformation, you will get that new car feeling by completely customising the look.

Don’t worry if you have existing Gutter Damage, Curb Damage or Scrapes, the great news is we can fix the damage for a minimal extra charge if any at all. Any extra charge would depend on the severity of the damage which we can quote if you email or SMS a photo. Our wheel technicians can complete the custom respray at your home or work as long as there is a suitable area available with access to power. All four wheels are removed from the vehicle so both sides of the wheels can be painted with our new high quality paint system.

Get excited trying to imagine your new custom alloy wheels and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page via the link at the top of our website. There you can look at some of our custom respray’s already completed by our team of skilled wheel technicians.

On behalf of the Team, we look forward to booking your next wheel repair or Custom All Wheel Respray!

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