Alloy Wheel Repair Services Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Alloy Wheel Repair Services Brisbane and the Gold Coast Alloy Wheel Repair Services Brisbane and the Gold Coast Mobile Alloy Rim Repairs  Our mobile alloy rim repair services can repair your painted rims, machine face rims, shadow chrome rims and polished rims back to their former glory. Painted Rim Repairs: These repairs are easily done onsite with colour matching done by the eye of our skilled wheel technicians. We will have your painted rims looking like they just came from the factory floor! Machine Face Rim Repairs: As explained in previous

Let’s Get Technical Part 2 – The Chrome Rim

Let's Get Technical Part 2 - The Chrome Rim What is it? A Chrome Rim actually refers to the coating/finish on the rim. A chrome rim is in fact made of steel or alloy with a thin layer of chrome; or a plating of chrome on the outer of the object. Chrome rims are known for their extremely shinny and reflective mirror like finish. The technical term for ‘Chrome’ is Chromium (Cr), a naturally occurring chemical element (atomic number 24 for all

Let’s Get Technical – Part 1 – Alloy Rim vs Mag Rim

LET’S GET TECHNICAL – PART 1 – ALLOY RIM VS MAG RIM Alloy Rim  What is it? An alloy rim is an automobile rim made from a mixture of aluminum, metals and other elements. Basically an alloy rim is a finished aluminum metal, hence the nick name ‘alloy’. Advantages of Alloy Rims: Strength -> alloy rims are stronger than a steel or mag wheel ensuing less flex around corners resulting in the car handling better. Lighter in weight -> the light weight of alloys reduces the un-sprung weight of the

Celebrity Repair!

Celebrity Repair! We had the absolute pleasure of meeting My Kitchen Rules Star Gianni Romano from the powerhouse couple, Gianni & Zana, who competed successfully on the most recent series of My Kitchen Rules. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work on their gorgeous Range Rover Evoque with Gianni even jumping in to pose for a couple of quick photos with the Onsite Alloy Repairs Team. Check out the fantastic repair job done by our wheel technicians. Check us out on

How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels

How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels How To Care For Your Alloy Wheels After rescuing some wheels recently, I was shocked to hear how they came about to be in such disrepair. Some of the horror stories told included people cleaning their beautiful wheels with stainless steel cleaner, oven cleaner and having only washed their car twice in the year that they have owned it. Shocked by this, I thought it was time I did the research for you and propose

What is Shadow Chrome?

What is Shadow Chrome? WHAT IS SHADOW CHROME? The Shadow Chrome alloy wheel colour was first developed in Europe, in 1998, by an Italian company Color Dec. Shadow Chrome made its debut appearance in the high-end market of luxury motor vehicles. It has since quickly filtered throughout the automotive industry and is now seen as a standard OEM wheel throughout a multitude of manufacturers worldwide and is no longer exclusive to the luxury car market. To the untrained eye, the

The Evolution Of The Alloy Wheel

The Evolution Of The Alloy Wheel Introduction The purpose of this write up is not to give you a history lesson, but highlight the transformation of the alloy wheel to what we know and love today. Most would be aware that the first ever wheel was a solid circle of wood created around 3,500BC. Jump forward a few thousand years and haven’t we come a long way; from Karl Benz’s 1885 Patent Motorwagon with ‘bicycle-like’ wire wheels to the HSV E3 GTS