Machine Face Rim Repairs

Machine Face Rim Repairs are a difficult and time consuming repair to do. Difficult because it is impossible to replicate the refined machine lines and factory finish of a machine face rim. The only way to do this is to send the rim away to be re-machined which is a costly and time consuming activity. With our onsite machine face rim repairs, we can have your machine face rim looking back to 95% of its original glory.

With machine face rims becoming ever more popular, we have adapted our onsite repair techniques to provide you with a beautiful and professional finish. With our onsite repairs, if you were standing up looking at the rim, you would never know the rim was ever damaged or repaired. You would only notice a slight difference in the finish if you were on your hands and knees intentionally inspecting the rim.

There is no need to have to buy a new rim, we can fix your machine face rim for a fraction of the price and time.

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